Marking of protective clothing is controlled by the standard EN ISO 13688. The following provisions shall apply:

  1. Marking must be in the official language of the country where the product is sold and in informal terms.
  2. Marking should be on the product itself or on labels attached to the product.
  3. Marking must be visible and legible. Both marking and possible pictograms must be sufficiently large so that they are readily understandable and readable. Recommended dimensions of figures and icons is resp. 2 mm and 10 mm (including the frame). Preferably black text on white background.
  4. Marking must withstand the permissible cleaning processes.



The following information should be provided on protective clothing:

  1. Name, trade name or other means of identification of the manufacturer or his authorized representative.
  2. Designation of the product type, commercial name or code.
  3. Size designation.
  4. Identification of the specific product standard (s) including date version.
  5. Pictograms and levels of performance, only if required by a product standaard. Consequently, the pictogram shall appear in the marking together with the specific product standard identification.
  6. Optionally, the i-symbol, in case the manufacturer indicates that the user instruction must be consulted.
  7. Care labelling. For (household) cleaning the symbols in accordance with ISO 3758 and for industrial cleaning the symbols in accordance with ISO 30023 should be applied. Depending on specific product standard it may be necessary to specify the maximum number of cleaning cycles in combination with the care labelling.
  8. Single-use PPE shall be marked with the warning phrase 'Do not re-use' and/or with the pictogram
  9. Since EN ISO 13688 is not a stand-alone standard, it is not allowed to use the standard EN ISO 13688, whether or not in combination with a "shield" symbol (the basic symbol for protection), as the only marker.

Example labeling protective clothing: