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When selecting the appropriate safety clothing, it is important to take into account the legal requirements, safety risks, working conditions, environmental factors, specific requirements of (inter)national and regional organisations, house style, desired cleaning methods and budget.
Only then can a balanced safety clothing package be introduced that maximises user acceptance and complies with all (legal) requirements.
This is why Clearmark has developed two online solutions that can be used in the selection of protective clothing. Our free choice & selection tool works fastest. It gives you immediate results based on your input. For more extensive advice, you can use our advice tool.


Solution 1 : Selection tool

Choose safe and suitable clothing based on the intended applications and performance levels. Select the type required and the level of protection. Through this tool, you get immediate and free insight into suitable products from different suppliers and brands and can order or request a quote in most cases via the webshops. . We have already examined the products shown whether they are approved through certifications and classified according to risk' and protection level.

Solution 2 : Extended advice tool

By completing a comprehensive questionnaire, we determine the most suitable solution for you. In principle, this safety clothing advice is also free of charge. Only if you choose not to have us forward your request to participating manufacturers and supplier you pay an upfront fee to us. Read more ►


Is your question more complex or would you like personal advice on your choice of clothing? Then contact one of our advisers.