Customized protective clothing

Before the correct protective clothing can be selected and purchased it is necessary to look at the application.

EU Occupational Health and Safety regulations give guidelines how the organization of labour should be designed to meet the legal requirements.

The use of protective clothing and other PPE is one of the possible measures to protect workers from hazards. Workers must, based on an established risk assessment, be provided with appropriate PPE. The selection of PPE is customized. PPE must be adaptable to the individual wearer, and be effective in reducing the risks to an acceptable level.



Choosing protective clothing by Clearmark

The database of Clearmark includes protective clothing which is legitimately CE marked. From these PPE it is demonstrated that they meet all legal requirements. By means of a selection tool protective clothing can be selected from the database on the basis of risks, nature of work and levels of protection so that they fit in well with the respective risk assessments. The clothing is available through the manufacturer or dealer and fitted with an approved user instructions and declaration of conformity.