Registration of products

Manufacturers, importers and distributors marketing protective clothing in their own name, can apply for registration of the product in the database of Clearmark. The benefits:

  • Through the website information on registered products can be obtained by (potential) buyers, (joint) decision makers, influencers and other stakeholders.
  • Registration of your protective clothing increases the awareness of your product (s) and organization and contributes to a positive image.
  • You can post relevant content about your products or organization on the Clearmark website.
  • Registration allows you to be informed on specific customer questions about the use of protective clothing.
  • You can use our Clearmark hangtags.


The registration fee is € 75.00 per product per year. Registration of multiple products is subject to a discount rate. All prices exclude VAT. Use the form below to upload your company and product registration. Please note, attached to the registration conditions are, you can download it here.


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