Content of the user instruction


The requirements on user instructions are specified in EN ISO 13688. Furthermore, the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 gives requirements on user instructions.
The following is thereby applicable:

  1. The user instructions must be written in at least (one of) the official language(s) of the state of destination;
  2. Bear the name, trade name or other means of identification of the manufacturer or his authorized representative;
  3. Equipped with the indication of the product type, commercial name or code that the user instruction relates;
  4. Pictograms and performance levels if specified in the relevant product standard (s), including the indication of this product standard (s) and version;
  5. Provided with an explanation of the icons and performance levels;
  6. Equipped with operating, maintenance and cleaning instructions if relevant, including:
    1. product checks prior to use;
    2. Instructions relating to the intended use and any limitations;
    3. instructions for storage and maintenance;
    4. washing and decontamination instructions including the maximum number of cleaning cycles if any.;
    5. warnings regarding contamination, improper use, improper cleaning, etc .;
    6. the use of associated items in order to achieve the desired protection;
    7. how aging or performance degradation can be recognized and what factors affect the protection;
    8. details of any repairs;
    9. information about recycling and disposal.

Note: This information is largely similar to the information in EN ISO 13688: 2013, but is not an exact representation.