Traffic controllers equipment 2009


As from 1 March 2009 the requirements for the outfit of traffic controllers in the Netherlands have been adapted. From now it is required to wear a fluorescent yellow/orange piece of clothing (vest or coat) with a retroreflective triangle on the front and rear. Appendix 2 of the regulation further requires that the used fluorescent colours and the retroreflective material fulfil certain requirements without referring to the standard EN 471:2003 which could also be deemed to be applicable to such. Research by Clearmark shows that the requirements set out need not be in conflict with the provisions of the standard EN 471:2003.
We would like to inform manufacturers and importers of these products however that products should be subjected to an EC type approval certification at an approved body and based on the result of such should be labelled with the CE mark and the EN 471 pictogram with associated classification as this product falls under the Directive 89/686/EC.
As a traffic controller benefits from being clearly recognisable it is furthermore of importance that clothing in accordance with the previous traffic controllers regulation or other items used for such are removed from the user network as soon as possible.


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