Still prohibited DMF in footwear, clothing and textiles


In spite of the prohibition of 1 May 2009 on the use of dimethylfumarate (DMF) in consumer goods this fungicidal agent still occurs.


Serious eczema

DMF appears to be able in already low concentrations to irritate the skin and to cause an allergic reaction with serious eczema as possible result. Hundreds of European consumers have incurred these serious allergic reactions because DMF was applied in everyday consumer products such as furniture, footwear, clothing and textiles. Even this year already at least 10 reports of forbidden use of DMF have been notified by Rapex.


Not in accordance with CE directives

DMF is applied in consumer goods because of the fungicidal effect of it. Especially as goods during longer time are stored at higher air humidity for example during sea transport, mould grow can appear. DMF is generally used in the form of small pockets filled with DMF from which the product can evaporate and penetrate in the goods. Because of this, the chance on contact with DMF can remain also after purchase of the product, the use of DMF is harmful. The use of DMF has not been permitted also on the basis of the requirements of innocuousness as stated in the different CE directives to/for the concerning products. At EC type examination of protective footwear and clothing also the notified bodies will have to pay attention to the possible use of DMF.



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