Clearmark 2.0!

Following the successful introduction of in June 2009, we are now able to present a completely renewed upgrade of the only online register and search engine of legitimately CE marked products. And it is not only the layout which has been changed. News and background information will take up an important position as a lot of information about CE marking and specific product groups is not properly reaching the market. "We are doing something which visitors will surely be able to benefit from" according to Leon Vaassen, initiator of Clearmark.

Objective information
The key functionality remains the register which can be consulted by anyone free of charge. Clearmark objectively and independently determines the legitimacy of a CE mark and categorises the product in such a manner that visitors are able to quickly gain an insight into the possibilities of the product.

Clearmark would like to gain a foothold internationally as well. To this end a project has been launched in collaboration with the EVD. "We notice that the intrinsic value of the information and the communicative power offered by us is not always immediately understood" says Leon Vaassen. "Sometimes one simply carries on with business as usual. Internationally we will also have to find the right method but in collaboration we are certain to succeed" according to the initiator of Clearmark.


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