eTextiles : Stanford finds new use for cloth


Clearmark.euA team of Stanford researchers is producing batteries and simple capacitors from ordinary textiles dipped in nanoparticle-infused ink. The conductive textiles- dubbed “eTextiles”- represent a new class of integrated energy storage device, born from the synthesis of prehistoric technology with cutting-edge materials science.



The procedure works for manufacturing batteries or supercapacitors, depending on the contents of the ink- oxide particles such as LiCoO2 for batteries; conductive carbon molecules (single-walled carbon nanotubes) for supercapacitors.

With this technology it is possible for a piece of 0.3 kg (approximately the weight of a T-shirt) to hold up three times more energy than a cell phone battery. Aside from enhanced energy storage capacity, eTextiles are remarkably durable and can withstand greater mechanical stress. It can be laundered and withstand all kinds of solvents.


High-end applications

The application of eTextiles are possibly in high-performance sportswear, military applications and health monitoring.

It’s probably this material also is suitable for the development of a new generation PPE. With this technology PPE would evolve for rather inactive products to products which can log environmental conditions and give this information to the wearer or even react on bases of these data. (Editor).



Source : Stanford News Service



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