Intelligent clothing for fishermen


Norwegian scientist and industrial companies will lead an eight-member European group in the development of a new generation of fishermen's work-wear with inbuilt life-saving electronics.


Dead man's handle

The scientists plan to incorporate a wireless “dead man's handle” that will stop a small one-man fishing vessel if its only crew member falls overboard. The same device will also include an alarm that will transmit the boat's position, allowing a rescue operation to be mounted more rapidly.

The new work-wear may even be able to repair rips in its own fabric!

The main concept behind Safe@Sea is to combine integration of “state of art” materials and ICT solutions with the development of new speciality and high-performance protective materials to realise a totally new protective clothing concept. The increased safety will be provided by improved solutions for buoyancy, thermal protection, tear and puncture resistance, head and hand protection, emergency warning and positioning systems. The advanced personal protective clothing system will be designed to satisfy end-users requirements for multi-functionality, ergonomic design and comfort in order to ensure user acceptance.


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